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The voice acting was kinda stilted or very stale depending on who the speakers were so the dialogue wasn't really all that engaging. The humor felt kind of lolrandom and outdated which wasn't really helped at all by the strange and slow pacing.

The animation, design quality, backgrounds and colors were great. Sound quality could use a little work but it wasn't bad by any stretch.

All my praise goes to the animation and musical aspect of this piece.

I agree to a certain point about messages of forgiveness, but this has the roots of a stockholm incident built into it. Can't say I'm much in favor of the rat not getting more than a scare and no tangible punishment despite the very soft conflict that is the premise.

The anime trope stuff has worn down on me a lot but the fact you went to these lengths to give a shitty tweet a body to match is just dedication to shitposting craft.

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If I manage to get a tablet in time for the contest I'll participate. This is fun, humble and relatively simple until you get a proper ambush. The walking speed is a bit slow but the dash tends to make up for it since it clears half a screen.

I guess if I had to complain about anything I just wish the sword swing was more responsive- but I imagine all the enemies in the game are balanced around a specific engagement speed so it shouldn't be much of an issue regardless.

Wolod responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Hope you'll manage to get a tablet in time. Looking forward some amazing entries :)

These 'I-spy' games are just boring and don't hold up in any way. Sound quality? Bland. Visual quality? Bland. Engagement? Non-existent. This is just Achievement fodder at best and as it stands for what little Achievement trolls I know on this website, most of them couldn't and wouldn't slog through these for them.

Please take a step forward in your content, if you want this kind of game to stand the test of time you must move the concept forward with it.

selfdefiant responds:

Strange, that's why it got daily first? And by the way, I have several awesome games on here, your advice is not very good. You should do some research before coming off like you know something about escape games, really.

Games designed to make you angry on purpose are meh. There's a lot of cool mini games and puzzles to be had but some 'obstacles' are deliberately annoying for the sake of it. It wasn't funny before or now.

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It's catchy and easy on the ears but you can certainly make better lyrics then this. It's a Valentines song and you didn't make it the least bit cheeky.

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Bro this is fucking dope.

This is my favorite thus far.

holikrep responds:

Ooh why thank you ;u;~ I'm flattered to hear that!

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