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Status Update: Cat and Post-Fire Condition

Posted by MOPH - July 26th, 2019

So as a lot of you know not that long ago my apartment and most of my personal belongings went up in the fire.

Oreo and Cheeseburger (Cats): My cat Oreo was hurt badly in the fire and has undergone a rigorous recovery process from smoke inhalation, heat exhaustion, heat-induced stroke and oxygen deprivation resulting in nervous damage alongside the stroke. One of her back legs can't fully extend and her head shakes a bit- causing her balance to be a bit lesser than 100% Cheeseburger managed to hide under a hose-soaked pile of laundry to avoid smoke inhalation and heat stroke, emerging from the burning apartment a day later virtually untouched save a bit of soot on her fur.

Oreo as of right now is recovering well and is being closely nursed and supervised by me thanks to people from NG, Twitter, FB and more pulling in to save my ass.

A link to see Oreo: https://twitter.com/DiggaComic/status/1154939641444937728

Guinea Pigs and Hedgehog: In the initial flame I ran in and out of the building grabbing these cages and running down (and up) three flights of stairs. All of them got out safe way before the fire could take effect on them, resulting in my exposure to smoke inhalation. The hedgehog has gone home to Connecticut to her original owner, two of the guinea pigs were being babysat and made it back to my Aunt and Uncle where they belong, my guinea pig Porkchop resides next to where I'm sitting now in top condition.

My Mother: Luckily she was in New York City at the time of this fire, but she and her husband have been wracked with grief and anxiety over not being able to go to my side at the time.

My Belongings: My PC is gone and done. It was an AMD Radeon 7800, i5 Quad-core processor msi motherboard with 1TB HDD and a 32'' monitor. My cloudcore headset is dead, my xbox one controller is dead, my Intuos Pro Medium has heatspots and thus is virtually unusable for anything but shitty joke drawings with sudden pressure loss. My Blue Snoball made it through the fire, soot, water and heat virtually untouched. My Pathfinder books are virtually untouched save a bit of top-page soak but barely touched due to tight, glossy page grouping. My Monster Hunter edition Nintendo 3DS with all Phoenix Wright, Castlevania, Kirby and various independent titled cartridges have died due to the water damage, my amiibos, warhammer minis and dark souls statues have melted. Less than a third of my clothing survived, my bed is considered too full of lethal material to salvage, my towels and other bathroom cloth-materials are long gone, my hygiene materials are gone and my dress clothing/shoes have also been lost to the fire. Many gifts given to me by family and friends (jewelry, stuffed animals, VHS, trinkets of various kinds) are gone. Pictures of my deceased grandparents and great grandparents were lost, my grandmother's ashes and urn were lost to the fire as well. My rare ps1 game collection and xbox 360 games are gone. My PS Vita and games are also gone. My legal documents are lost to the fire as well and need to be replaced (passport, birth certificate, etc).

What's Been Replaced: Thanks to some saved up money and help to others I've ordered and obtained a replacement PC and am currently awaiting a new tablet so I can get straight to work to bulldoze my existing work and hammer down on commissions to rebuild my life. I have medicine and food/toiletries for my animals, I prioritized these things first because if I have the tools to earn money I can have a guaranteed avenue of financial recovery of the rest of these things that I need.

Where Am I Now?: I'm currently housed up in my mother's ex's home. He's been like a father figure to me all my life and introduced me to things like Halo, PC-gaming, Final Fantasy and more. He's a huge influence on my person and we're hiding away in an internet-supported corner of the Catskill Mountains.

Physical Condition: My lungs suffered due to repeat trips in and out of the burning apartment and were damaged. They will heal, but they require an inhaler and some once a day two-pill respiratory steroids. My balance will be a bit off until that clears up.

Mental Condition: I haven't slept a day without interruption since the day of the fire. I have nightmares constantly about the fire and how my baby girls almost died in the flame. Small sounds wake me up, getting near a stove or heater makes my heart race. My doctor's told me I need to see a therapist for trauma, which I still need to set up. Depression has admittedly consumed me but I try not to wear it on the sleeve because nobody needs an unbearable person in an unbearable situation. Being a sad, salty shit about it is a poor attitude to have despite everyone telling me it's alright considering the circumstances- but I can't really adopt the perspective. It's hard, I haven't cried consistently in years. The thought of my cats dying without the one person who raised and protected them being there while they suffer a painful death haunts me. To know my mistakes endangered other families and children have left a deep impact on my person. It's a really heavy topic that I'm not normally comfortable addressing but anything less than blunt feels wrong on this platform. NG has enforced a very 'keep it real' mentality in my communication.

I don't know how long it'll take me to be okay, but I'm trying my hardest to get there without dragging my feet. Thanks to a lot of people such as Redminus, Dreamin, Flork, Qwerty and a lot of the art community they've made sure to keep my landing from being as brutal and swift as it could've been. It's a sobering feeling seeing so many people pick you back up and shove you back into action when you need it most. Without these people I feel like I'd be way deeper in the hole and in a longer period of recovery. I've dealt with trauma as someone who has been shot, stabbed, abused etc but this fire is the one thing in my life that really dealt a blow I've never really felt or dealt with in terms of magnitude.

The Plan: Work and gather money to fix my life, maybe try to find a way to move near people I know in PA or Connecticut.

If you want to get in contact with me feel free to message me and DM me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DiggaComic (My social account).

Thank you for reading and hearing me out, NG.


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I'm glad you're doing okay man. Take your time with your trauma, give yourself the time and patience you need to heal your mentality. Can't imagine how horrifying this whole thing probably was for you, but I'm glad things are looking up for you and you're managing just fine after everything.